Used with low-viscosity fluids such as LSMGO and light gas oils with standard viscosities between 1.2 cSt and 10/15 cSt, typically used with Boiler systems with pressures up to 40 bar and flow rates of 560l/min (33.6m3/h). Its high self-priming strength and its capacity to operate at low viscosities make it very a suitable pump for applications with fluids that do not include lubricating properties among its main characteristics.

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Specifications - Overall dimensions - Sales Catalogue
Design available SEIM standard. mechanical or radial seal - incl. versions with high wear resitant liner (models PWA and PWE)
Flow Rate USGPM 172
Suction pressure Mechanical seal: from -0,5 to 10 bar (-8 to 145 psi) - Radial seal: 0 to 1,5 Bar (0 to 22 psi) *
Seal Radial or mechanical
Bearing Radial ball
Bearing lubrication Self-lubricated external
Safety valve Available BVPA model as built-on, for sizes 025 to 045 *
  • Fluids: Water based emulsion (min. 5% oil content) - Cutting oils - Light fuel oils.
  • Solid content: ask SEIM for details
  • Speed: typical 2900 to 3600 rpm, up to 4500 with VFD *
  • Rotation (shaft view): Clockwise CW
  • Installation: Indoor or Outdoor. Horizontal or Vertical (also semi-submerged - top tank mounting)
  • Environment: Industrial, Marine
  • Body/Flange: GG25 (GJL250)
  • O-rings: Viton ®
  • Cast iron hardened casing
  • Painting: On demand