PB Series three screw pump by SEIM is the economical solution for all the customers who are looking for the benefit provided by a screw pump – included but not limited to lower noise level, energy saving and a budget pricing. SEIM developed a specific PB Series version for the cooling lubrication in the machine tools and car industry sectors, which offers – alongside a budget pricing, several benefits like:

• High silent operation

• Low pulsation level

• High self priming capability

• Vertical or horizontal installation
This PB Series version features:

• Hardened cast iron casing;

• High accuracy machining spindles set, hardened;

• Mechanical seal

• Self-lubricated ball bearing (not in contact with the pumped fluid);

• Integrated safety pressure valve (adjustable with pump in operation) - optional;

• Axial inlet port - optional.

These above features makes the PB pump suitable for all the application with water based emulsion (minimum 5% oil in water) or cutting oils, for small flow artes and pressure up to 40 bar (580 psi).
SEIM’s PB Series pump offers a natural complementary product in offering a SEIM valve – whether it’s for safety and/or control. Please Contact SEIM to receive dedicated documentation, which includes items such as valve blocks for direct mounting onto the pump delivery port (BVPA Series).

S E I M t y p i c a l s u p p l y i n c l u d e s:

• Bare shaft PB pump

• PB pump with pre-assembled BVPA valve (built-on)

• PB pump with bell housing or pre-assembled bell housing and electric motor.

• Any above combination supplied with motor having integrated VFD or suitable for use with VFD (also with forced ventilation).


The PB Series is available also in a specific and certified version for use in the Marine applications.

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Specifications - Overall dimensions - Sales Catalogue
Design available SEIM standard, for Industrial applications
Flow rate L/min 41
Flow rate m³/h 2.5
Flow rate USGPM 11
Suction pressure from -0.5 to 10 bar (-8 to 146 psi) *
Delivery pressure 40
Seal Mechanical, for water-oil emulsion, cutting oil
Bearing Radial ball
Bearing lubrication Self-lubricated
Drive 750 to 3600 rpm *
Construction shape SEIM standard, for Industrial applications
Safety valve Internal recirculation
  • Installation: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Environment: Industrial
  • Amb. Temperature Min/Max:
  • Operating temperature C°: 32 - 212
  • Fluids: Emulsion (water based, min.5% oil in water), Cutting Oils, Fluids with Low Lubricity. Hydraulic oils
  • Solid content: ask SEIM for details
  • Viscosity range cSt: 1- 400
  • Viscosity range SSU: 21 - 1850
  • Speed: 750 to 3600 rpm *
  • Rotation (shaft view): Clockwise CW
  • Body/Flange: GJS400-15 EN16842, w. execution for low lubricity fluids *
  • O-rings: Viton ®
  • Painting: On request


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